What is Wik and the Fable of Souls?

Wik and the Fable of Souls is a very unique PC Game. Wik is an unlikely hero with really cool abilities that help him rise to his challenge.


What are some of the cool things Wik can do?

Wik’s abilities stem from use of his super strong frog-like tongue. Wik can swing his body around by latching his tongue to things.

He can also spit harder and much more accurately than a 3 rd grader with a straw and a wad of paper. It’s real satisfying to take a bug that means you harm and turn him into ammunition against his fellow bugs.

He can also jump very high, and very far.


How much free time in the demo?

1 Hour is free. After that we hope you’ll support us with a full version purchase so we can make more great games.


Why should I buy this game?

We think Wik and the Fable of Souls is unlike any other game out there and presents a great value for your gaming dollar.

The best part is that the game becomes better and better as your skill level increases. That’s not to say it’s not fun right away, because it is. The more you play, the more you will understand Wik’s abilities. As you get better, you’ll notice that the game changes subtly and you’ll find yourself challenged in different ways.

There are numerous things to do in this game, and numerous goals. We think you’ll find yourself wanting to play through it more than once.

Plus, getting Wik to do a full loop is just about the coolest thing ever (if you ask us)! You can do it!!


What are the big HOW things in the middle of the Prologue levels?

They are buttons! Click them and watch a ghost of Wik perform a demonstration of a particular skill. Also pay attention to the mouse that appears during these demo playbacks. That is the position of the mouse to make Wik do what he’s doing.


What’s the difference between Story Mode and Challenge Mode?

In a nutshell, Story Mode is more of an action game, and Challenge mode is more puzzle oriented in nature.

Story mode also unveils the Fable of Souls as you move through the levels.

In Story mode, the pace of the levels tend to be a bit more pressure packed - especially towards the end!

While Challenge mode is more puzzle oriented we did not call it ‘Puzzle Mode’ because it’s more than that. It requires you to have developed a little better than basic understanding of how to control Wik.

Then, it will allow players to truly master the art of controlling Wik. We’ve discovered in developing this game that just moving Wik around the screen (especially by swinging) is a lot of fun.

Playing the Story levels about a third to half way through, and then doing Challenge Prologue really prepares you to play the Challenge levels. Then, once you play the Challenge levels, you’d be amazed at what a different experience re-playing the Story Mode is. You’ll see the level layouts in a whole new light.

Take advantage of the level solutions in Challenge mode. (Separate Download available here). They can open your eyes to some really cool things that Wik can do.

Whenever I swing, I seem to just go straight toward the ground like a bungee jumper and I have to move the mouse back and forth to build momentum. How do I get quick momentum like in the pre-recorded demos?

Think of yourself swinging on a playground swing. When you get started, you always push yourself back before going forward. The initial backwards movement gets you quick momentum.

In the same way, when swinging Wik, you should jump BACK, not Forward. That is, you should latch on to something, and then start your swing by clicking BEHIND Wik.

Put another way, if you want to swing from left to right, latch on something over Wik’s head to his right (Left Click and HOLD), and then Jump (Right click) TO THE LEFT OF WIK. Wik will jump back behind himself a little, and then gravity will pull him toward the right.

If you latch on something to the right, and then click to the right of Wik, gravity will pull him straight down and you’ll have to swing the mouse left and right to get the momentum going.

You can also behave like Tarzan by jumping straight up and then latching Wik’s tongue to something. This is like really throwing yourself backwards on a playground swing because you want to get going real fast, real quick in the opposite direction.


Is there a level editor like in Ricochet Lost Worlds?

Yes, but it’s unsupported. The editor is much more complex than the one in Lost Worlds and while we thought it would be fun for our adventurous and technically savvy users to try it out if they want, we simply cannot support it.

To use it, you need to add a file called "Enable Unsupported Level Editor.txt" to the game folder. Then, hit F6 to enter the editor. If this makes no sense to you, please re-read the first paragraph!


When is Wik and the Fable of Souls available?



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